A mixture of psyllium plantain seed and plantago ovata seed shells

Net weight: 200g, 500g, 1kg

Vital fiber is a mixture of plantain psyllium and plantago ovata seed shells. Psyllium is an annual plant with a branch stem growing up to 50 cm in height. It has leaves arranged opposite, equidistant. Inconspicuous, collected in egg-shaped ears of flowers grow in the axils of the leaves. The fruit is a cracking bag containing brown, ovate, shiny seeds.

Plantago ovata occurs in well-hydrated and sunny areas. In the natural environment you can find it in Spain and the Canary Islands. It is grown in India, Pakistan, USA and Brazil. Its leaves have a characteristic shape lanceolate. The flowers are small and have a green-yellow color. The fruit of this plant is a bag containing small pinkish-beige seeds whose shell is rich in mucous compounds.

Hot to use: 3 teaspoons of the product pour a glass (200 ml) of water, milk, fruit juice. Wait for it to swell and drink the resulting drink. Remember to take more fluids while using the product

Ingredients: plantago psyllium seeds 80%, Plantago ovata seed shells 20%

Product may contain: gluten, peanuts, nuts, soya, sesame seeds, mustard.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Country of origin: depending on the supplier of the raw material or product.

Project categories: SUPERFOODS

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