Net weight: 400g, 1 kg

Millet can be eaten, among other things, for breakfast as a filling meal. It may be cooked in water with milk or the milk, preferably with the addition of dried fruits. It is also often prepared with apples and cinnamon. It tastes not only sweet: it works great as a substitute for potatoes or rice.  It can be added to soups or component of the stuffing. Recommended as an addition to meat dishes.

How to use: rinse 1 cup of groats, toss into slightly salted boiling water (2.5 glasses). Cook for approx. 20 minutes under cover.

Product may contain: gluten (from wheat, oats, barley), peanuts, cashew nuts, sesame seeds.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Country of origin: depending on the supplier of the raw material or product.

Project categories: GROATS

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