DATES DRIED 100% seedless

Net weight: 200g , 500 g , 1 kg

Dried dates are a treat that should not be missing in any home. The naturally sweet taste of dates makes them an excellent alternative to classic sweets: cookies and candies. Dried dates are a delicious snack during an active day. It is also an excellent addition to desserts, pastries and oriental dishes. Dates usually serve as an addition to cakes, desserts, muesli and as a snack.

Ingredients: seedless dates 100%

Appearing white coating on dried dates is a symptom of precipitation sugar. This is a natural phenomenon.

Warning:dates are machine-stoned and may sporadically contain stones or fragments thereof.

Product may contain: gluten, peanuts, nuts, soya, sesame seeds, mustard.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Country of origin: depending on the supplier of the raw material or product.

Project categories: DRIED FRUITS

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